Observing and Nourishing Paradox…

When most people hear about the Great Integrity,
they waiver between belief and disbelief.
When wise people hear about the Great Integrity,
they diligently follow its path.
When ignorant people hear about the Great Integrity,
they laugh out loud.
By this very laughter, we know its authenticity.

It is said that enlightenment appears dark,
the progressive way appears retrograde,
the smooth way appears jagged,
the highest peak of revelation appears empty like a valley,
the cleanest appears to be soiled,
the greatest abundance appears insufficient,
the most enduring inner strength
appears like weakness,
and creativity appears imitative.

Great talents mature slowly.
Great sounds are silent.
Great forms look shapeless.
Transcendent squareness has no corners.

The Great Integrity hides behind all forms,
stubbornly nourishing the paradoxes
that can enlighten us.

Observing and Nourishing Paradox… first blogged by Martin Fox with the Center for Global Leadership, accelerating the Global Ripple

The passage is translated from the Tao Te Ching – 81 verses by Lao Tzu.

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