Under Attack!

My impulsive reaction to a personal attack is retaliation and scheming as to how that could play out. A bit of shock sets in and perhaps a bit of denial (What! Why me?) but revenge is the overriding emotion. Isn’t that one of the deadly sins? What I have taken from my consciousness journey is that this response is good and quite natural. However, it does provide a clear indicator of what the outcome would be given the law of attraction. Not a positive one!

My first reaction is certainly the ego at play, but the situation is unresolved and an incompletion that is occupying my awareness, causing action inertia and certainly impacting my creativity. I acknowledge that the attack may have been directed towards me but not necessarily at me. My ego is still bruised, though! I am a human being after all!

My action is to take no immediate action! Take it all in and contemplate how to turn this anger in passion. The potential energy is there. How to turn it into good? I know from bitter experience that retaliation certainly does not bring out the best in people. How to bring out the best possible outcome based on the aspects of the situation that I have control over? Acknowledge that there are aspects I have limited or no control over? Let these aspects go? Then do a quick integrity and authenticity check? Have I done what I said I would do, when I said I would do it? Have and can I say what I mean and mean what I say in a way that is empowering? Apply a good dose of humbleness and now I am ready for action.

This situation brings to mind: “A wise man is superior to any insults which can be put to him, and the best reply to unseemly behavior is patience and moderation.” Moliere – a superb credo under these circumstances. Also, “Remember, that not he who gives ill language or a blow insults, but the principle which represents these things as insulting. When, therefore, anyone provokes you, be assured that it is your own opinion which provokes you. Try, therefore, in the first place, not to be hurried away with the appearance. For if you once gain time and respite, you will more easily command yourself.” Epictetus.

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