Clarity of Intention

Clarity of Intention is about getting You – which just means whoever is making the important choices – to that point where your primary locus of identification has shifted from the ego to the authentic self. That does not mean the ego has to disappear completely, but in order for the balance to shift, what matters is that at least 51% of the sum total of who you are is identified with and expressing the evolutionary passion of the authentic self rather than the fears and desires of the individual and collective ego.

The reason this is important is because the authentic self is the part of you that already cares about the evolution of consciousness. It does not need to be inspired to participate; it does not need to be convinced it is a good idea; it already cares desperately about only that, because that is its very nature. So the goal is that you, the choosing faculty, become primarily identified with and motivated by your authentic self. And you need to do whatever you need to do for that to become you.

from The First Tenet: Clarity of Intent – buy Andrew Cohen

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