Salespeople Who Can’t Say No and the Consequences that Follow

What are the consequences of a sales consultant who just can’t say no? Surprised to hear that the best sales consultant often have to say no in order to win business? Surprised to hear that simply saying “yes” isn’t the best course of action when closing orders? Don’t be. It’s easy to say yes when working with clients. Yes is the easiest of answers because it is the simplest way to please a client. It’s less confrontational, easier to say and is often seen as the surest way to keep customers engaged. However, sales success has never and will never just be about saying yes. Sometimes, a sales consultant must be able to say no. In fact, not saying “no” means the difference between business won and lost and ultimately means the difference between a happy or unhappy customer. More importantly, it often means the difference between your company making a healthy profit on sales.

via Salespeople Who Can’t Say No and the Consequences that Follow – DriveYourSucce$$.

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