Authenticity – listen to what you are saying!

There is one little sentence written in the Bible that is so simple that we all know it yet we do not stop to fathom the importance and impact thereof. “Let your yes be your yes, and your no be your no!”

This little sentence impacts greatly on trust, self-esteem, relationship, choices and communication.

What I want to focus on is the meaning, the true meaning of words that we use. We are so quick to say things to others and apply words to our own lives, yet we never stop to consider the true meaning of those words. What we need to remember is that the very minute you say something to someone you instantly create an expectation with that person.

So what we need to pay attention to is the definition of that word you used on which the commitment was made and the expectation was created. Do you really know what the true definition is of that word? And are you truly willing and able to fulfill the true definition of that word….not just the part that suits you, but the entire definition of that word?

  • When you call someone your friend……do you know what the true and full meaning of ‘friend’ is and are you willing to be that true friend unconditionally?
  • When you use the word loyalty…….do you know what that word truly means and are you able to place it accurately within the context where it applies?
  • When you tell someone you love them……do you know what you are really saying? The attitude, the commitment, the respect and the compassion that comes with that word?
  • When you say yes……it is just that! Not only until it suits you, it means yes. Your character will be written based on your actions in line with your words, today, tomorrow and forever!

So stop for a minute before you speak, before you make commitment and before you say yes or no. Think, think again and make sure you can put your name next to every word you use because if you like it or not you are signing your name next to every word you use.

That is the only thing in life that no one can take from you…the one thing that only YOU can give away….and that is your word.

Think before you speak before you act…..and enjoy the person you choose to be!

by Johan Koornhof, founder of Grincourt Consulting.via Grincourt Consulting: Listen to what you are saying.

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