Take Courage!

In sales (or any client engagement), there’s a necessary balance between courage and consideration. If you have too little of either one, it’s usually going to cause some problems.

Most salespeople  err on the side of consideration. They want clients to like them, they want to be friendly, they want to gain acceptance and approval.

If you happen to be the kind of person who likes to expand your sense of courage – to be courageous – then sales is definitely the field to go into.

You get so many chances to encounter any number of insecurities, fears and doubts. Those are going to come up somewhere in the sales process.

When you try to gain a new sales skill, a new way of thinking, speaking and acting – which is going to be discontinuous and usually uncomfortable with what you’re used to – the learning curve actually goes down before it goes up.

It takes time and practice to become a confident sales professional. So if it’s a skill you want to have you need courage to know it’s going to be worse before it gets better.

You need the courage to hear clearly what makes sense and what does not. It’s a balance of courage and consideration to get real and be authentic. Have courage just balance it with consideration.

by Mahan Khalsa via NinetyFive5::Less Nonsense. More Sales.

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