An emotion is just an emotion. It is neither good nor bad. Right nor wrong. It is just an emotion. Emotions come and go. Emotions come from the underlying beliefs we hold about a particular situation.

The Truth Warrior

Feeling What You’re Feeling

Emotions are just emotions. Emotions can range from anger, to sadness, to joy and to love. When we were children we expressed our emotions freely without any judgement from ourselves or others. However when a lot of us became adults, we have developed the habit of suppressing how we really feel because we are concerned or worried about what other people may think of us. We have got into the habit of pleasing other people. Many of us live our lives based on the approval, acceptance, praise and popularity of others. Imagine being in a place of completely and fully loving ourselves and giving ourselves the freedom to fully feel how we are feeling without any fear or judgement from ourselves or others.

The interesting thing about emotions is that when we choose to not express or feel and choose to deny or judge…

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