Hearth in Hand

My name is Sarah, and I am an introvert. I am generally quiet, soft spoken and have little to say. Though I enjoy the company of close friends, I prefer solitude. When I’m in a large-group settings, I tend to stick to the sidelines and still find my energy quickly drained by such events.

Being an introvert isn’t a conscious choice. Most likely the result of both my biology and upbringing, I have always felt more comfortable on the sidelines, observing and analyzing. Even as a very young child, I was pensive, and often lost in the imaginary worlds I dreamed up. From very early on, I was known as the quiet one, but it wasn’t until about the 7th grade when it became clear that it was a bad thing. Like many introverts before me, my quietness was often misinterpreted by my peers as “antisocial”, “closed-off”, “snobby” or…

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