Leaders are the Fulcrum of Change | NinetyFive5:Less Nonsense. More Sales | The Edge

Transforming sales organizations so that sales professionals can have better conversations with their customers requires the leadership needs to be on board and behind the initiative.

According to Bill Rust, at Ninety Five 5, sales professionals  often take their cues from the examples set by their managers, leaders should model the desired behavior they want their teams to adopt.  People on their teams are just as likely, if not more likely, to pick up their bad habits, as they are the good ones.

Sales managers who demonstrate effective time management practices, engage with their teams using good listening skills and coach individual performers to improve by focusing on executing plans serve as positive role models. These leaders are critical to institutionalizing the practices, processes and accountabilities critical to dramatically increasing sales performance.  They serve as agents of change for the entire organization by focusing on the few critical things that make the biggest difference.

via NinetyFive5::Less Nonsense. More Sales.

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