Consciousness In Business

Take Responsibility-3

In recent times, I have noticed people interacting with each other in a very different way. A heart-warming way. There is renewed respect. There is politeness in the tone of their voices. There appears to be renewed compassion. Sarcasm is subsiding. There is a definite move away from the adversarial and antagonistic thinking patterns of the past.

Is this just my personal relationship towards people determining my experience rather than people having changed, in essence? Is this merely my change in context? Or, is this perceived change due to emerging mindfulness, awareness and consciousness?

Taking a step back: What I have noticed, though, is that compassion; the concern for the work-load and stress of peers are under, is causing capitulation – not demanding that they commit to what they promised to do, while getting and understanding what they are going through. Results orientation appears to be waning. Letting people off lightly…

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