Procrastination – an Identity Crisis? | The Edge

Consciousness In Business

People who have not yet achieved their Identity are more likely to procrastinate.

374064_493468600686591_855325188_nWhy is linked to the notion of agency and it’s connection to the development of the ego, according to Timothy Pychyl, associate professor of phycology at the Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada.  Says Pychyl, “Agency is the belief that we are in control of our decisions and responsible for our outcomes. It means we make a difference, we make things happen, we’re agentic, acting on the world. The thing is, being an active agent depends on ego development. It depends on identity.” Identity is knowing who we are that allows us to interpret information about the world around us and execute the right response, according to Pychyl.

Matthew Shanahan  (Journal: Personality and Individual Differences, 43, 901-911), a Pychyl research student has established that the link between identity and procrastination could be explained through agency and its necessary…

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