Collaboration – the Key component of Sales success | The Edge

Collaboration is when the seller becomes a key component of the buyers success. According to Rain Group research, when sales professionals work together with the client to achieve a common goal, success comes more readily.

When the buyer believes the seller introduces new insightful ideas and perspectives that the buyer was not previously considering is considered to be influential. The right new ideas can shape buyer belief systems and approaches to action.

Furthermore, in the context of collaborative sales, the sales professional has to proactively create and drive the demand themselves. They can’t inspire buyers unless they educate them with new ideas and perspectives, according to the Rain Group research. Under these created conditions, when the buyer believes the seller is collaborating with them, the ownership of the idea tends to shift from seller to buyer. When that happens, the idea—previously not even in consideration—becomes an important item on a buyer’s agenda. This is critical for driving demand and moving sales forward proactively.

via On Relationships, Solutions, and Challengers – RAIN Group.

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