Happiness Drivers of Productivity at Work – The Source – WSJ | The Edge

Leaders wanting to manage productivity and move it in the right direction, five drivers of individual productivity provides tangible evidence of the serious outcomes that happiness at work can bring.

Consciousness In Business

Wall Street Journal’s The Source and the iOpener Institute research shows that employees who are happiest at work are twice as productive, stay five times longer in their jobs, are six times more energised and take 10 times less sick leave

They found other benefits. Happier workers help their colleagues 33% more than their least happy colleagues; raise issues that affect performance 46% more; achieve their goals 31% more and are 36% more motivated.

A focus on five drivers of individual productivity propels performance and ensures that employees are happy in their work too.

Driver 1: Effort – This is about what you do. You’ll never be productive without clear goals or precise and well-articulated objectives that lead to those goals and without addressing problems that arise on the way. That means the ability to raise issues and have others help you solve them too. That’s what leaders need to make…

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