Uncertainty is a Killer, or is it? | The Edge

A new way of approaching uncertainty may be the key to managing anxiety. Life is always uncertain and pretty much unpredictable. Embrace these facts allows you avoid imagining risks, dangers, and threats that never materialize.

Consciousness In Business

The anxiety that comes from an uncertain and unpredictable future has the potential to drive detrimental behaviour. Assumption and unexpressed expectation inevitably leads to frustration and anger. Denial usually follows. A person who has experienced being continuously shunned socially may eventually begin to feel that there is nothing to be done about this situation that is in their direct control. This may lead to their stopping this pursuit, trying to engage in social situations, thus making their dilemma even more pronounced. In a business context, the changes brought about by an acquisition, merger or dramatic change provide an equally unpredictable future fraught with anxiety. The initial shock of the situation gives rise to the prospect of opportunity to be capitalised upon by some and “the victim” behaviour by most, such as vocalizing of the injustice of the situation. How can uncertainly be “processed” to manifest an inspiring outcome?

If you…

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