A Conscious Style | The Edge

Current research on driving sales transformation by SEC Sales Leadership Council highlights why sales organizations must empower their sales professional reps to exercise judgment in order to compete with more informed buyers.

Their research shows that sales managers have tremendous leverage in enabling a judgment-oriented climate at the team level and can actually create a high-judgment micro-climate within a low-judgment organization climate. In order for this to occur, managers must change from a directive style of managing, to a supportive style of facilitating. Directive management style consists of delivering route directions and emphasizing adherence to the sales process. Instead, supportive managers enable and empower their reps to think independently, allow for collaboration across their team, and leverage knowledge to make more informed decisions during a sale.

I have always been a advocate of a conscious developmental, as opposed to an authoritarian, management style that supports definite results orientation in an empowering way. This promotes a high return-on-effort by building trust, appreciation and self awareness.

via Sales Leadership Council » FLIP Your Management Style.

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