Awareness masters Time

“inhabiting life with presence is the only real way to master time.”
Maria Popova

Consciousness In Business

The ever increasing service demands and complexity in typical business-to-business engagements certainly places time at a premium like never before. The concept of being able to control time by the mere fact that our relationship with time determines our experience presents interesting productivity possibilities and the potential for increased return on effort.

BBC broadcaster and psychology writer Claudia Hammond in her book, Time Warped: Unlocking the Mysteries of Time Perception writes; “we construct the experience of time in our minds, so it follows that we are able to change the elements we find troubling — whether it’s trying to stop the years racing past, or speeding up time when we’re stuck in a queue, trying to live more in the present, or working out how long ago we last saw our old friends. Time can be a friend, but it can also be an enemy. The trick is to…

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