Conviction vs. Belief: Tony Robbins on Why We Do What We Do | The Edge

What do you want to accomplish in life? How do you plan to get there? Do you ever feel like maybe you won’t achieve what you want to do? Did you ever think that maybe you only have a belief that you will accomplish your goals, but not necessarily conviction?

Tony Robbins, author of “Awaken The Giant Within” and numerous other books, notes that you eventually have to move beyond belief to conviction. Someone who believes something may do so in thought only. In other words, if you believe that you’re going to be rich and successful, you may only be intellectualizing the idea, even if you are chanting mantras every day!

The successful person is someone who acts with conviction. If you’re that person that continues to try your business idea hundreds of times, even though you haven’t been able to make it work yet, then you may be acting with conviction. The person who acts with conviction is the one who is constantly trying to tweak their original efforts to reach their end goal.

According to Anthony Robbins, conviction has deep emotional attachment. Conviction usually leads to action and those who act, even if it is just a little every day, are the ones who will ultimately be successful.

via Conviction vs. Belief: Tony Robbins on Why We Do What We Do–MUST SEE!!!!!.

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