What is integral coaching?

Wilber explored consciousness in depth. What is the alliance between the Integral Model, the Integral Operating System and the Consciousness Coaching construct?

Dorrian Aiken

Integral coaching is a growing presence in South Africa – and this is good! The true spirit of Integral theory and practice is honoured in its proliferation! What does Integral mean? In brief it is claimed to be the most highly advanced level at which human beings can hold complexity and take cognizance of multiple perspectives. It represents both a particular world view as a stage in human development, and an approach to all our sources of knowledge or theories and practices.

Ken Wilber most famously has made the complex range of integral theory and its exponents accessible to the world through his many books, and in particular, through his development of the Integral Operating System (IOS).  The basis of the IOS is a five-part model representing five aspect of human reality: the foundational element of the IOS is the four quadrants indicating the inner world and the outer manifestation…

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