The Best Salespeople Do What the Best Brands Do > 7 indicators of great salespeople | on the edge

In this era of nearly ubiquitous information, customers usually engage with salespeople after they’ve already researched their purchase and in some cases made their purchase decision. Digital commerce and disintermediation have caused many customers to question the importance of having a sales relationship at all. Moreover, companies are learning that true sales success isn’t indicated by the number or size of deals closed; it’s measured by getting and keeping the right customers.

  1. Great salespeople sell inside first by their tremendous value contribution to their organizations through their market insights and direct communication channel with customers.
  2. Great salespeople cultivate emotional connections with customers by appealing to and connect with their clients through emotion, brand story-telling, and thought-leadership.
  3. Great salespeople don’t imitate, they innovate  by providing unique perspectives and often seek to push their client’s thinking. They present a differentiated sales experience by challenging customers’ status quo and teaching them something new and valuable.
  4. Great salespeople are selective about their customer based on shared values and common interests,
  5. Great salespeople create extraordinary experiences by interpreting, reinforcing and differentiated value throughout the sales experience.
  6. Great salespeople create real value for their customers by looking for ways to make their clients more successful.
  7. Great salespeople impart the unique value by drawing on their knowledge of what clients value to convey their offer in a way that resonates with them.

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