The Power of Positive Psychology | Gallup | on the edge

Gallup has found that customer satisfaction doesn’t translate into higher sales, but emotional bonding does . . .

. . . customer satisfaction is a judgment, whereas emotional bonding is a feeling. It’s an emotional moment that people are remembering, . . .

by repeating positive emotions, people are accruing resources. And so if you work with the idea that people want to recreate the thing that made them have a good experience in the first place, you should keep people returning. . .

. . . In other words, prices or ads don’t make people engaged customers — it’s a human connection. If people feel that a company has connected with them on a personal level, they’re more likely to be engaged with that company, and they’ll go out of their way to purchase there or pay more than they would somewhere else. . .

. . . so go out of your way to connect with people on a human level. Provide a service that’s valuable, one that makes people think that the fit is so right that it’s almost a gift. . .  And when people sense that one organization is doing that more often than others, that’s what will create loyalty and engagement.


Source: The Power of Positive Psychology | Gallup

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