Is your Leadership Coach mindful? | on the edge

Does your coach allow you to express yourself fully and encourage you to share your experience of your reality?

Do you feel a sense of value, of self-worth with your coach?

Is your coach non-judgmental? Does your coach get what you’re going through and still expect the best from you?

Does your coach encourage you to explore myriad possibilities, move from perspective to perspective and assimilate your thoughts and feelings?

Does your coach create the space for your thought to converge towards a basis for progression?

Does your coach draw you into a connection in which distractions disappear? Do your coaching sessions flow?

Does your coach contribute to the possibility of change in your life, in your profession?

Does your coach serve as a catalyst for turning experience and reflection into more a meaningful reality for you?

Douglas Riddle, director of the global coaching practice at the Center for Creative Leadership, suggests that coaches that create open conversations of reflective exploration, who expand your mind, and who allow emotions and performance to come into the coaching relationship from a place of inner calm, are mindful coaches. He says, “They have quiet minds. They are not beguiled by fancy techniques or elegant coaching models. They are midwives for the narrow, messy emergence into a larger world – and they rely on habits of mindfulness.”


Source: Three Keys to Mindful Leadership Coaching

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