Forgiveness – Healing Words By Lotus | on the edge

Forgiving ourselves and others is such a powerful and liberating act, yet it is also sometimes very difficult to let go.  I think that this poem pretty much sums up my recent experience and my awakening to the path of forgiveness.  I  don’t think that I have fully recovered from this experience yet but writing all of this down has given me immense clarity and liberated me from the worst of it.  I really was able to lift myself up out of the darkness and whilst I may not be fully there yet, I am doing better than I have been.  The intention to forgive is there, I think it is within all of us if we could just look past the pain to recognize that pain in another.  We are not the victims we believe ourselves to be.  It also helps to hold ourselves accountable for the choices we make in life and to own up to the consequences of those choices.  It is much easier to blame someone else than to look at ourselves more deeply.  The most valuable insight out of this experience for me was eventually understanding that this was a lesson.  Perhaps one that my Soul had come to learn.  That is how I knew that I was ready to start forgiving, once I was able to see it as a beautiful lesson.  I was then able to feel deep gratitude for simply being present and alive and to stop asking ‘why me?’  Beautiful beings, I wish you the courage to face yourself and to be able to look within and to love yourself deeply.  Remember to forgive yourself too…much love to you

Source: Forgiveness – Healing Words By Lotus

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