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There’s no shortage of challenges facing sales leaders.

These challenges include ensuring that consistent value is offered to retain existing accounts, implementing strategies to grow accounts and penetrate new markets and accounts, attracting, recruiting and rapidly onboarding top sales talent while motivating, coaching and mentoring existing sales talent, driving the implementation of sales processes and utilization of sales technologies,  . . . . . . and the list goes on and on.

The top sales priority in the face of sales leadership challenges is to improve ability to communicate value, according to research conducted by RAIN Group’s Mike Schultz and Erica Stritch.

What happens when the value you experience from something newly acquired aligns with your expectations? And, your experience starts with how well perceived value is communicated?  Well, whatever you experience when this type of value exchange is created is the aspirational mastery of the sales profession.


Seventy percent of sales leaders report that improving their ability to communicate value is a top priority. You need to have value infused in everything you do, according to Schultz and Stritch . If your sellers can’t communicate value, they won’t win.

Communicating value goes beyond what is communicated to how value is communicated. Perceived value has emotional attachment. People make emotional decisions for logical reasons. Communicating value requires communication intelligence that aligns content with communication style and communication behaviour so that the promise of value is experienced from the sales conversation. This is called communication acuity.

What is your communication acuity? How does your communication acuity improve your ability to communicate value?

Source: Top Sales Leadership Challenges & Priorities – 3 Sales Enablement Strategies to Drive Success



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