Business Consciousness Coaching

The_EdgeThere are a number of intriguing themes that manifest their presence in day-to-day business. These themes include integrity, accountability, contribution, power, trust. These themes have less to do with how we cognitively do what we do and contribute to the purpose of the business we’re in. These themes do speak to why we engage with the purpose of business.

“People don’t buy what you do and how you do it, they buy why you do it!” (Sinek, 2009).  How great leaders inspire action is by turning the what and how paradigm to why. It is about cause, purpose and belief, according to Sinek. People deal with you because you believe in what you do. And then, what you do serves as the proof as to why you do it.

Business consciousness encompasses awareness of how our behavior is influenced by the world in which we operate. And, how this shapes our inner world, our thinking, and our feelings;  how we are self-aware and aware of the quality of relationships we have with others; how we navigate our world while reflecting on our actions and on what drives those actions.

Ultimately, business consciousness allows us to attached meaning to how we do what we do so that we can answer why we do it.

Most human endeavors, including most business practices, operate with an incomplete map of human potential. These partial maps of our inner and outer realities consistently lead to setbacks in our personal and professional endeavors, according to the renown modern day philosopher, Ken Wilber (Kofman, 2013).

It is, however, with awareness and conscious action that a person with the ability for abstract thought can inspire relationships that create a culture that in turn influences business outcomes (Visser, 2003).

Business consciousness comes with the perspective that this possibility is, in fact operating in all humans all the time. So, either they are taken into conscious account and acted upon or they will subconsciously and consistently impact our endeavors in an undetermined way.

Business Consciousness Coaching creates the circumstances for you to explore, discover and experience your full professional potential.  The purpose of Business Consciousness Coaching is to be the possibility for a shift in context that exposes new meaning and provides your endeavors with purpose.

Business Consciousness Coaching is co-creative as the coach guides you to explore, discover and experience doing what you do at your full potential and being the best you believe you can be.

Business consciousness coaching is a group coaching engagement that creates awareness and be in action of business consciousness themes. Individual business consciousness coaching addresses these themes as they arise through experience and reflective observation during coaching sessions.

“Living consciously is a state of being active rather than passive. It is the ability to look at the world through fresh eyes. It is intelligence taking joy in its own function. Living consciously is seeking to be aware of everything that bears on our interests, actions, values, purpose, and goals. It is the willingness to confront facts, pleasant or unpleasant. It is the desire to discover our mistakes and correct them. . . . .  it is the quest to keep expanding our awareness and understanding, both of the world external to self and of the world within.” Nathaniel Brandon from The Art of Living Consciously (1999).

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