Coaching for Sales Return-on-Effort


Experience has taught that coaching is most effective in impacting measurable business performance when supporting specific business initiatives or addresses challenges inhibiting desired business outcomes. In other words, the real coaching return on effort does not substantially move key business indicators unless directly contributing to business performance outcomes. There is arguably no greater measurable impact and evidence than sales performance.

It is suggested that sales is a focused consequential effort that can’t be left to chance. This effort starts by first seeing a client’s reality through their eyes. Only then can a solid basis for mutual value be determined; by the outcome they want for their customers. It is then through the application of communication intelligence that insight is created. Insight differentiates and sways a client’s preference in a competitive world in which sales professionals battle to be distinctive.

Coaching the approach to account and opportunity development creates the basis for coaching to the reality of the experience of a client communication that differentiates.


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