The Power of Consciousness

Leaders need more than just skills, competencies – they need the awareness and power to operate consciousness.

Power comes as a product of being in charge of your thinking and feeling – and for this to be achieved you need to appreciate (GET) consciousness.

For positive thinking to work and positive outcomes to manifest, this must occur in the right conditions – consciousness coaching creates those conditions.

Appreciating that your relationship with something or someone creates your experience, not the something or someone, and that context is your relationship with reality. Or, the way reality behaves is determined by the content of our consciousness. What you encounter on a daily basis is determined by the way you perceive reality. The agency in us that determines what we perceive as real is our consciousness. The sum total of the content of our consciousness creates our reality. Only that which one believes to be real, possible, or true becomes part of your consciousness, and only to that extent is you able to determine the content and behavior of your reality.

Consciousness is the context in which thinking and feeling occur. Consciousness is then potentially the context in which the creation of a new, desired reality can occur.

Awareness creation of the core functions of human consciousness, when added to the coaching process, provides high-performance impact and lasting results – that new reality.

The bottom line is that we are the creators of our reality. We do have a say in the matter of our destiny. There is the opportunity to step into your power and take the awesome responsibility that comes with it.


The Power of Consciousness:

  1. the power to transform the experience of reality – when the context of your consciousness transforms, then your experience of reality changes – without any changes to the content of your consciousness.
  2. the power to create – your own destiny.
  3. the power to manage the law of attraction – making the unconscious conscious to directing your life.
  4. the power to get the brain working holistically – new consciousness = wisdom
  5. the power to shift yourself into a position of ownership – when your subconscious programs are brought into an existing and present context, then you ARE the context and you have the reaction, the emotion, the thinking (not it having you).