Consciousness Coaching Testimonial #2

I am most fortunate and most grateful that I experienced a profoundly life changing, coaching with Paul. The coaching sessions helped me with important life skills; it awakened areas of my consciousness that I never thought I would explore.

During my consciousness journey I learned how to evaluate the “self” and it definitely taught me that it is good to get out of my comfort zone, because this is when change occurs and with this change, new opportunities presents itself.

Before I started the coaching sessions with Paul, I was in a state were my thoughts were more negative and quite often I was frustrated. I have since grown because of the coaching sessions to a state of positivity.

I feel equipped to deal with my challenges. As a result of this, I was gifted with opportunities both from a personal and career perspective.

What I find most interesting was that even though Paul and I knew each other in South Africa, it was only until we went to the US together that we started talking about consciousness coaching. Maybe this in itself is a lesson, that consciousness is not just an internal journey, but it is also a physical journey.

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