The First Thing a Leader should do is Build Trust

As a new supervisor nearly 30 years ago and as Lockheed Martin CEO and President, Marillyn Hewson, cites building trust as always been her top priorities. She says that’s because she has learned over the years that if you don’t have a bond of trust with the people who can help you succeed, business comes to a screeching halt.

According to Hewson trust starts with values – showing that you embrace your values. Once you establish the values that will guide you, the next step, says Hewson, is to communicate where you are going and how you’re going to get there – share your vision and strategy. Then,

Be Open, Honest and Transparent

Hewson finds that one of the most powerful tools for building trust is simply being open, honest and transparent in all of your communications. Employees recognize in an instant when a leader is being honest, and if you communicate frequently, you’ll earn their trust and respect.

This is especially true when times are tough. Leaders have to fight the urge to circle the wagons during times of pressure or crisis. That’s when employees need to hear from you most. If you’re open, honest and transparent, you’ll build confidence and empower employees to stop worrying and start helping the organization overcome its challenges.

Lead in transparency! But don’t be such an open book that that pages are constantly falling out. Be honest! But don’t confuse openness with a dispiriting attitude. Show the real you! but don’t neglect the fact that your employees need at least one person in the workplace with a plan, even if you don’t know the plan every second of the day, says John Brandon, contributing editor at Inc. magazine.


Why ‘Transparent Leadership’ is Overrated |

The First Things a New Leader Should Do to Build Trust | LinkedIn.

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