Ask One Question at a Time

So often we fall into the trap of asking multiple questions in one breath. The problem with asking more than one question at a time, is two‐fold:

First, more than one question may confuse the client about which question to answer, making it difficult for them to focus on one issue at a time.

Second, the client may skip potentially important questions as they attempt to answer either the question they remember or the easiest question, and they may not yield the most important information.

Effective questions are really those that offer a path towards additional insight, and help explore new territory. An effective question will probably require the client to go into the hard drive of the brain to search for the information requested. As this is taking place, allow for silence, and don’t rush to fill your own discomfort with additional questions, reasonings, or further explanations.

Next time you’re with a client, practice becoming comfortable with silence.

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