Standing on a high pole, you observe,

Falling down badly, do you accept?,

Flying above the clouds, you deserve,

Crawling on the ground, do you accept?,

Running endlessly for hours, you exhale,

Stopped by obstacles, do you accept?,

Always wishing to win, you prevail,

Failed by “almost”, do you accept?,

Dreaming of becoming an icon, you sleep,

Waking up to reality, do you accept?,

Searching ‘out’ for answers, you go deep,

Finding within yourself, do you accept?,

Doubting every word, you question,

Questioning yourself, do you accept?,

Building an object, you go for precision,

Errors in skill, do you accept?,

Framing out conclusions, you are relevant,

Hearing the odds, do you accept?,

Creating new ideas, you are intelligent,

Lacking the space to put it in, do you accept?,

Thinking of good for all, you are kind,

Finding yourself rejected, do you accept?,

Breathing slowly, you relax your mind,

Realizing the truth, do you accept?,

Learning with curiosity, you are glad,

Drowning in doubts, do you accept?,

Losing someone special, you are sad,

Ready to move on, do you accept?,

Of all that you see is good in you, you accept,

Ignoring the other side that’s hard to expect,

Fake percept and unstable concept, you respect,

But the reality of life, DO YOU ACCEPT???

©Varun K. Sharma

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