Intent Counts More Than Technique

Take heart. While you work on your questioning techniques, know that your intent is most important. The more honestly you want to help a client succeed the more likely they are to share their beliefs about what that success is. Consequently, your ability to find the right solution and their trust in adopting it go up as well. Ironically, it is in our own most selfish interest to focus on the interest of the client first.

So, whose agenda are you on? Is the intent of your question to help your client get what they want, in a way they feel good about or is it to get you what you want in a way you feel good about? Get crystal clear about your intent before you pick up the phone or walk through that door, because itʹs going to affect everything else that follows.

(Khalsa & Illig, 2008:10)


Source: Khalsa, M., & Illig, R. (2008). Let’s get real or let’s not play – transforming the buyer/seller relationship. London: Penguin Group.

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