Once you have seen, acknowledged, and accepted your shadow, you will begin uniting both sides of your psyche will make you a more integrated and whole person, help you to drop the persona – the mask – and allow you to become and embrace the real you. Warts and all.


Swiss psychiatrist and founder of analytical psychology, Carl Jung, theorized that we all have two sides to our personalities; the known conscious side that deals directly with the world around us, and the deeper hidden side that lies below the conscious mind, locked away in the dark cellar of our psyche.

He dubbed this part of our consciousness the shadow aspect.  The shadow aspect is essentially composed of bits and pieces of us that we have repressed, discarded or abandoned for being unacceptable.  The shadow embodies all of the traits that do not fit in with our views of our ideal self – the persona we wish to present to the world.  These rejected characteristics have been deeply buried within to keep them at a safe distance from consciousness so that what the shadow desires is generally unknown to the conscious mind.    Sometimes though, when we are overly stressed, the shadow aspect may make an appearance.  Behaviours that are normally curtailed or…

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