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Meetings are an essential part of corporate life. Whether it’s an internal or a client engagement, a productive meeting starts with the organiser taking responsibility for setting the purpose or objective of the meeting, the expected outcome and even the anticipated contribution from the participants.

It may seen a bit extreme to do a presence check-in a the start of the meeting. However, asking the participants to make a decision about, acknowledging or letting go of anything that is causing preoccupation certainly promotes attention to their presence at the meeting.

During the meeting, encouraging the practice of acceptance by participants by accepting the person who is speaking and their view, even though issue may be taken regarding their specific perspective or ideas. Everyone has an opinion and is entitled to that opinion. Trying to impose your view and being right makes everyone else wrong and certainly causes conflict. Conflict does not promote positive and productive outcomes, for sure. It is the meeting leaders responsibility to ensure the meeting is regulated and to prohibit personal attacks on individual participants.

Also, encouraging the practice of compassion for participants promotes productive contribution. It is possible to expect the best from people while getting what they are going through.

As meetings are to be necessary and valued use of cognitive resources, mindfulness practice is a vital contribution to a return on effort.

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